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Cusom Installed Radon Mitigation Project

All types of homes and buildings possibly have unacceptable levels of radon and require remediation. Our radon systems are custom installed for each individual home. Not a "this is the only way" approach.

At Airon, we use state of the art radon fans which normally do not need replacing in 3-5 years like fans used by the competition. Radon reduction systems installed by Airon Radon Systems Inc. are still running after 15-20 years. It is still recommended that you test for radon every 2 years.

The Competition's Projects

Against Radon Code

Fan replaced in crawspace by competition.

Against Radon Code

This fan was replaced in a crawlspace by one of our competitors. It's against code.

Against Radon Code

Take a look at the condition of the competition's system after less than 10 years!

Got Radon?

  • Summer Testing. It is okay to run your air conditioning during a radon test with closed house conditions.
  • We accomplish Radon Mitigation in the air through ventilation, usually collected below a concrete floor slab.
  • The first step in mitigation is radon testing to find out if the indoor air and domestic water radon concentrations are too high.
  • Radon can't be eliminated so the government sets guidelines for when radon should be reduced.
  • The World Health Organization's International Radon Project has recommended an action level of 2.7 pCi/l for radon in the air


Membrane Suction Collection Piping in Damp Crawlspace Home

Multiple Slab Suction Piping

Radon Piping in 200 year old home

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